Swellegantissimo !

And yes, I could no longer resist and bought some of Christi Friesen’s new Swellegant products.

I LOVEEE antiques, verdigris, rust… so you can well imagine that I nearly fainted when I saw these products used by others for the first time.

In my mind, I knew what I wanted to do and the effect I was after. So, like a good student, I decided to approach this very methodically and made heaps of textured scrap inch tiles to play with.

Following the easy peasy downloaded instruction from Christi’s website, I painted the inchies with the metals.

Copper – Iron – Brass

Then I applied each of the following patina’s to each metal (the top 3 tiles are untreated)

Rust – Darkening – Verdigris

Patinas added and dry (after a good 25 minutes)

I also tried the 3 dyes straight onto the metal without the patina added to check the effect.

And finally I applied the Rust Patina and the dyes onto Copper and Bronze. I did not like the Iron (for what I have in mind – this may be the one you are after.. but I did not test it, sorry)

On the left you have the tiles with Rust Patina and dyes, on the right with some brass and copper rubbed over the highlights. It is quite a nice effect!

I went to sleep, my head buzzing with ideas and I was barely awake when I rushed to my wee corner in the living room and let my muse go wild. Well.. sort of… because, to work with this product, you need to plan a bit in advance if you want to make a multi-layered item. Remember, I never try the easiest things first!

So I made this:

The brass colour on this pendant/brooch is done with Mona Lisa powder (which also contains metal) and turned it into this:

I gently brushed a few strokes onto the Mona Lisa powders which added a lovely “old” effect.

The base with Mona Lisa Brass powder, a layer with CF Copper on top, a striped layer with powder again and finally the centre button with CF Copper again. The original idea being of colouring ONLY the copper segments. After doing that.. I did not like the shiny parts in between so I gently dabbed some patina onto the other circles and let them “oxidate” a tiny bit as well.

I initially chucked this in the bin because it was not what I wanted it to be, but today (digging it out from between the wipes and scraps) I liked it a bit more and as a result I decided it was fit for a picture – if only to show you that I can make hideous things tool!

And OBVIOUSLY, my earrings for the 52 earrings in a year challenge HAD to be with Swellegant:

and for good measure, I added a pendant to it.

Have a great weekend Chris