Becoming an alchemist

As most of you may have read, I have been experimenting with Swellegant over the past week. Great fun! Imagine, a crazy looking woman with multiple brushes in her hand, looking at several pieces of clay and metal on a sheet in no particular order… bottles open in front of her… and big grin on her face! woohaaa.

I needed to try out these products on other things than clay and after seeing what Diane Laurence did to a cheap looking metal bracelet, I dug out the filigree and laser cut thingies that were gathering dust somewhere in the dungeons of my cabinet. Did I mention before that I really have a problem with throwing things out?

So I gave them the same treatment as the tiles: Swellegant brass + rust + dye… and then I walked away and checked Facebook, as you do…

Brass and copper filigree pieces treated with Swellegant brass and rust +… another ingredient:

I wanted to play with the Inka Golds I got from my friend Teia and the combination was fabulous!

I cut the butterfly apart to make earrings

Rubbed a bit of the Inka gold on the rusty looking pieces.

I figured that the green/blues would go well with amber/red, so I decided to combine roll out a sheet of red Premo and press the filigree onto it.

Et voila’, two sets of original earrings for this week of the 52 earrings a week challenge.

So I got this lovely surprise box in the mail from Teia (you got to love the girl :))))) which included, among lovely other things, samples of Inka Gold! I used a bit on the filigree but I had MORE experimenting to do!!!

And then I had another idea. I was not particularly keen on the Swellegant iron at first because it did not give me the results I was looking for. But.. having played with the Inka gold on the pieces (above).. I decided to give it a fair chance I make flowers with the leftover from the red I used for the earrings (also above).

I put a layer of Swellegant Iron on it, then used the Darkening Patina.. let it dry, and added a few strokes of Inka Gold to the raised areas. It looks soooo metallic and old now and I am rather pleased with the result.

When I saw this red flower transforming into this antiqued piece, I felt like the alchemists must have felt hundreds of years ago:)

Got tired and had to stop playing… one of these things… but not without sharing a few results with you.

Have a great creative weekend,