My first ever article in Making Jewellery Magazine

Wow, and what a journey this has been.

Many many months ago, some lovely friend suggested I contact some magazines and write mini-tutorials for them. I had no idea how this worked but was more than willing to give it a try.

It was great fun BUT also a big challenge. Usually I make something inspired by the moment, not because someone tells me what to make. So when I got commissioned to write an article with a “Beach” theme, I had to think about it.

Was I going to use shells? driftwood? sea glass combined with polymer clay? Was I going to make little sea creatures? .. no, I’d rather leave that to Christi Friesen. Would I make faux coral and twigs? No. I somehow did not have any inspiration at all and was getting pretty frustrated.

The weather was glorious and we decided to take the dogs to the beach at Camusdaragh, our favourite spot.

The Atlantic Ocean on our Scottish Beach

It was a good decision to spend the day at the beach! I thought about how many people had asked how I made my velvety beads and inspired by the Caribbean colours of the water (not to be confused by not so Caribbean temperature of the same water!) I decided to make a summery beachy necklace.

Another wee challenge is having to stop during the process to take pictures, check if the pictures are OK for publishing, then continue making the beads and THEN: describe this whole process within the limits fitting the publication.

Now, those who know me, know that I have a problem with short descriptions of any kind, so this was definitely the most difficult one! How to reduce a description, keeping it understandable without sounding like a 3 year old toddler!

I hope I managed to do just that, and after my initial struggle, I produced a set of matching earrings and a shiny version of the same necklace.

And then there was yet another hurdle. I could not mention it, nor post any pictures, until the magazine was published, which was HARD!! I can easily keep a secret like the kind of personal secrets, but not this type of “exciting”, “I want to share this with somebody” secret! Somehow I managed it and even forgot about it.. until a shiny new edition of the magazine dropped in the mail on Saturday:) Yeah!

The tiny picture, second from the right: my necklace

Page 1 of the article (the scan shows the beads greener than they were)

I hope you all go and try it and let me know if it was easy for you to follow.

Look forward to seeing your own versions of the velvety beads real soon.

Oh, and a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for leaving such lovely comments on the Facebook post. It warms this girl’s heart!