White, off white, …… not so white…

13 years ago, our family moved to the UK, to a sleepy village in Yorkshire. It turned out to be more creepy than sleepy but that’s a story for another time.

All the walls in the house were painted in some off white paint called “Magnolia”. A name, which reminded me of a marvelous tree in front of a friend’s house in Italy with gorgeously COLOURED flowers on it. Nothing like the "just not white enough" colour which seemed to be the norm here.

Thing is that this colour was not just in this house.. It was everywhere. And not just in England. It was wide spread or should I say "White spread" in Scotland as well. It is, as if some time in the past, some paint manufacturer overdid it a bit in the “Magnolia” department and has bribed every council to take his paint supply for the next 30 years!

Needless to say, I now have an aversion of WHITE or any shade thereoff. Maybe it is caused by overexposure to the stuff or maybe it’s just me.

And just as I thought I could take no more.. Manon created her stunning organic WHITE pendant!

I was immediately smitten by the curly forms and interesting textures and could even see myself wearing this but NOT in this "colour".

And to my great joy, Manon wanted to share her information and design with the rest of the world and wrote this brilliant tutorial: (click on the picture to go to her Etsy page)

And I had a go at it:

But then realised I did not like white and would never wear it if it was white… so I painted it:

And now I can wear it :)

Go check out the tutorial and give it a go! Create your own white sea inspired creature. It’s fun to make.