It has been over 2 years since I last posted about any creative endeavours. Let’s just say that the past 5 years have been quite different!

A couple of months ago I gently eased myself back into doing some crafts. I made a variety of greeting cards for my favourite dog rescue charity KWK9 rescue. We have our own lovely lurchers from them and if we could we would fill our house with more…

The ladies at KWK9 do a marvelous job at finding the right home for the poor dogs who land in their hands.

The card making got me into wanting more supplies, more stencils, more stamps… you get the picture. One has NEVER enough materials to work with!

With the supplies came the tutorials and I “luckily” landed on a tutorial by the lovely Sanda Reynolds. I absolutely love her Mixed Media work and I had been looking for a “reason” to use a canvas -as if we need a reason.

Both my parents-in-law have sadly passed away and I found that a simple picture frame did not do them justice… so I made this.

It’s my very first mixed media canvas and I did not want to overdo the decorations. Looking at the picture I can already see I need to get out my Burnt Sienna and add another green leave to balance the colours…. I really need to learn when to stop.

Originally I had mulberry flowers in place but I did not like them, they were too small and not (yet) having a stash of others, I used my Tattered Flowers die cut to make some simple flowers.

I hope you like it