Finding sanity

As the world is going mad, I am trying to find some sanity in the depths of my soul. During my day job I help bring the 21st century into peoples lives (although these days I really question the benefits of this) leaving me little time to express myself in a creative way.

I naturally wake up early in the day and while the this side of the world is still asleep, I use this time to feed my brain with art tutorials: learning how to paint, how to apply various media, how to create something beautiful in this increasingly hideous world. The other day I saw a tutorial by the very talented and super friendly Sanda Reynolds. (I may have mentioned her before :) ). This week, while enjoying some long overdue time off, I finally got to paint and put the tutorials to practice. Now... something I noticed in a lot of the abstract painting tutorials is that the result rarely looks like what you think it would be when it started. It is the fun part of the creative process. And while it may look really strange for the spectator, it feels totally normal for the artist. I start with a base.. and let the canvas dictate where I go.

These are the various steps leading up to the result:

I started with a coat of Phtalo Blue and Turquoise, a bit of Cadmium Yellow Hue and some Crimson Red. I did not like the red in the equation so covered the lot with another layer leaving out the red and adding some texture in the process. I drew some lines and patterns with Burnt Siena and started blocking out shapes with Ultramarine washes. Not liking flat surfaces, I got out the structure paste and a few stencils to add interest...... and then turned it into this:

It's my first mixed media piece and I am happy with it. I will do things differently for the next one but for now, it will do. I painted for over 7 hours in a row (I have a sore arm and shoulder to prove it) but I loved every minute of it :)

And I thank Sanda for putting me on this path!