Trying something different

Two years ago my father-in-law passed away. He left quite a music legacy as a tutor and conductor and I wanted to make a drawing in his honour. Not only was he an amazing man but his love and passion as a tutor have resulted in his former students still playing their instruments 30 years on. Until now I have been drawing dog portraits in coloured pencils and I wanted to try something different. I was debating between charcoal and graphite and graphite won. It was super difficult but that's usually what I like :) A lot of "firsts" to get out of the way: first human figure, first graphite drawing, first composition drawing.... I am not completely happy with certain parts and may revisit this at some point in the future when I get more experienced. It has taken me several weekends to finalise this so without further ado...

The original photographs - courtesy of several former students:

My drawing (scanned and slightly annoying light spots which are not visible on the actual drawing)

Now onto some colours.... Till next time, Chris