PPPPPP Playtime with Pastels

After doing the graphite composite drawing, I was craving colours and what better to remedy that than to take a new medium (for me anyway) and PLAY. A couple of months ago I got some pastels with the idea of using them for underpainting the coloured pencil dog portraits but then I did not need it for the dogs I drew and there are so many yummy colours which are not part or the dog hair pallet, so I needed something else.

While roaming for Art books I came across "Painting with Pastels" by Jenny Keal. Her style appealed to me as she uses lots of vibrant colours... and on top of a couple of demonstration pictures, it also contains a few interesting step-by-step tutorials and lots of hints and tips. Now, I am not very good at following instructions in a book. (or instructions in general :) ) I usually need to SEE things done before I get them, so this was a first. And boy it was fun! I got dirty dusty fingers, streaks of pastel on my face, dehydrated from not wanting to stop but it was SO MUCH FUN!

I am not really into landscape painting but I can see myself exploring this medium a lot more now and even give our local scenery a try.

Here's pastel nr. 1 - Next one may be a flower... or a sheep... or... who knows, maybe even a Lcoh!

To be continued ...