Pencils, Paper, draw!

Isn't it fascinating when a small chance encounter has a massive impact on your life!

If I have been quiet on the blog, it is just because of one of these encounters. Facebook, and the internet in general may be loathed by many people for various reasons but one thing it does bring is the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, expand your horizons.

I am self-taught and I am always very keen on improving my skills by learning from others. There are thousands of books and even more online tutorials available but nothing beats a workshop or one to one tutoring with an expert in his/her field.

One of these talented gems is Becky Gouverneur from

She is currently tutoring me on how to use charcoal as a medium to draw pets and other animals.

Will let you know how that works out once I get the hang of using black powder and dusty willow sticks!

Not only is she a fantastically generous teacher, she has also inspired and motivated me to take the plunge and take my drawing to a wider audience. Et voila, a new site was born, a new adventure about to start!

Whether you want a unique drawing of your beloved pet, or surprise someone with a gift certificate or just say hi, hop over to and check out what it's all about and/or follow my new Facebook page where I will be posting regular updates and sneak previeuws of what I am working on.

Have a wonderful week!